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Pick your icon, crank up the music and test your reactions with ever increasing difficult levels! Or see how far you can get in the unlimited mode (try not to compete with yourself too much).

You will have to be quick to react to the puzzles thrown at you as you traverse upwards. Your little blocks have a habit of exploding if they touch any obstacles so careful with your heavy handed fingers!

Pick up and play - Whether you only have a quick minute spare or the rest of your life, you can jump in to try and beat your highscore you've dreamt about so desperately of beating.

Multiple levels - Lots of levels to complete with their own challenges. Can you collect all the stars and claim yourself Block Dash ruler of all?

Icons - Collect the golden stars in the unlimited mode and use them to unlock all the icons to play as to your hearts content. 

Design - Simplistic pixel art style that AAA games just can't compete with.

Music - Upbeat soundtrack that will be like music to your ears.

Block Dash is translated in game to English, Chinese Simplified, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Italian, Polish, Japanese and Korean. Did I miss any?

Currently available for Android. Enjoy!

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